The Power of Assessment
A good assessment is the backbone of a good intervention program. We ensure that a multi disciplinary team do the assessment across all domains critical for development.

Who we are

From parents, For parents” – is what truly describes us.

As parents of a “special child”, we’ve been through the entire journey ourselves. Rather than feeling sorry, we chose to accept all the challenges that we faced. Step by step, we’ve come a long way – and we’re here to tread the unconventional path to be a beacon of hope for people with special needs and disabilities.

This is done through consistent world class service – special education, speech therapy, occupational therapy, alternative methodologies, movement, somatic therapy and special training using the best experts in their domain, for every child and parent out there. 

We are proud of our dynamic team who serve the community of special kids and their families, with integrity, holding children with disabilities at the centre, honouring their strengths and implementing a holistic approach that is quantifiable and accountable to make them ready to face the world.

Kavitha & Joji

Who we are

From special parents, For special parents, keeping the child at the centre of the partnership” – is what truly describes us.

As parents of a “special child”, we’ve been through the entire journey ourselves. We observed the huge challenges faced by parents of children with special needs – gaps in delivery, lack of accountability, lack of innovation, archaic methodology and feedback in the area of special education and intervention. The founder educated herself, connected with thought leaders and organisations across domains and empowered parents to take the right decisions for their child as opposed to running from pillar to post, and that’s how Communicare Education was born.

Communicare provides intensive early intervention to children with Autism related Communication Disorders (such as Specific Language Impairment, Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia) and also works with children with severe disabilities.

We follow the Communication DEALL program on early intervention. We have a clear focus on working to help the child join regular school and are committed to achieving measurable gains in specified time intervals.

Children with greater difficulties (for whom mainstream school may be difficult) are helped through our Functional skills program where we work on building basic communication, develop motor muscle ability, mind body awareness, independent feeding, toileting and developing basic play skills. Our movement therapy (in association with Adapted Spiral Praxis, Canada), has helped develop better motor muscle control, spatial awareness, better initiation, higher alertness and speech.

We offer both group and individual intervention programs based on the needs of the child and family. Demonstration therapy, parent training and home based program with regular follow up forms the basis of our intervention for out of town clients.

Vision, mission & value


To be the global leaders in education and empowerment of special children and their caregivers; and work with society to create an equitable, harmonious and inclusive society.


The mission of Communicare is to help create self-confidence and independency of special children through early intervention, customized education, training and skill development using best global practices and experts in their domains.


As an organization we will be caring in our relationships, progressive in our outlook, empowering in providing the best services to children and caregivers, dynamic in our approach and bold in our dreams for the child.

Why we are different

Why we are different

We focus on the ‘Diversability’ of the child and not disability.

At Communicare, we offer early intervention, exposure and the strength of global team experience, to gain a much-needed breakthrough. Our experienced faculty, specialists in their fields, mentor students and encourage them to become alert, active, confident and independent.

The opportunities to grow and learn are many:

– Our curriculum exposes children to a supportive environment with task oriented towards imitation, language, play and social interaction, predictability and routine, functional approach to behaviour problems, intensive intervention, family involvement and planned transition to school.

– They grow with a high degree of self-confidence, ready to get into mainstream education

– Because of the 1:3 ratio of staff and children, we are able to provide intervention for three hours a day at the average cost of a single one-on-one session of 45min in a private set up

Our Approach

Early Intervention is a rapidly evolving discipline and over the last decade traditional approaches have given way to more effective and evidence based systems which we follow at Communicare. We follow the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum, which integrates classroom modules with PSHE, resulting in the all-round development of the children. During all interactions dedicated to PSHE, the cross domain faculty observes the children closely and work together to create the most effective pathway to success for the child. Here are some of the important differences in the traditional approach vis-a-vis the Communicare approach –  
Deficiency focused
Identify and focus on the child’s limitations
Strength focused 
When planning activities and curriculum the strengths and interests of a child are at the forefront
Very limited
Professionals work with the child directly. Parents can observe, but are not encouraged to do so. Professionals make recommendations to parents about their child. There is no discussion, only what they know is best.
Highly involved
Professionals work with the child and parents as a team. Parents must mandatorily attend every session. They are involved in every aspect of the therapy right from evaluation to planning to setting goals. Parents know their child best and their ideas and inputs are actively solicited.
Train the Child
The professional works with the child in isolation and skill development happens in the limited hours that the child spends in the clinic.
Train the family
In addition to working with the child, skills are transferred to the caregivers by the professionals through demonstration so that the intervention becomes a continuous process and gets built into the daily routine of the child.
Fragmented delivery
Professionals from various disciplines i.e. speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, psychologists etc. work with the child, but in isolation. They focus only on their own discipline and there is no collaboration or communication between them. They all evaluate, make recommendations and serve the child independently.
Collaborative delivery
Services are provided by one professional – an Early Interventionist, who is trained to work with young children across all domains of development. The Early Interventionist has a specialisation in one form of therapy which may be speech, occupational or otherwise, but can cut across other domains. If a child requires highly specialised support in a domain which is not the Early Interventionists primary domain, another specialist can get roped in.

Meet Our Founders

Kavitha George Founder and Managing Director

With   over   fifteen   years   of   leadership   experience  across  sectors, Kavitha is a training and   operations specialist,   woman entrepreneur   and a mum.  She describes herself   as   a   pragmatic   dreamer, passionate   about creating   an   inclusive   and   sustainable   eco   system   for   children   with   special   needs. Being the Founder & Managing Director of Communicare Education and Training, her focus is to ensure that every child is provided with an equal opportunity for learning.  Kavitha also works with children with mobility challenges through the concept of Mind Body Awareness. This intervention program is done in partnership with Spiral Praxis, Toronto, Canada.
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Joji George Co-founder

Joji is a seasoned business leader with over 18 years of experience in Media & Entertainment, Broadcasting, Sports, Branding, management, Digital and Live events, globally. He has worked at senior leadership positions with companies like Sony Music, MTV Asia, Astro , Yahoo!, Global Brand Forum, Percept Sports & Entertainment, UBM (Informa Markets) and World Wrestling Entertainment, India. The last three stints were heading these companies in India. He is passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and is a proud dad of a special child. Joji is a Fellow of the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania and has an AMP ( Accelerated Development Program) from the University of Chicago- Booth School of Business.

Experts & Advisors

Yuji Oka Expert in Modern Dance & Movement Therapy

Yuji Oka has been working with children with special needs and disabilities for over 30 years. Through his background in Physics and Dance, he has developed a new somatics approach to motor learning call Adapted Spiral Praxis (ASP). ASP has been used to help thousands of children with special needs/disabilities learn how reclaim their motor potential.
In the earliest developmental stages, ASP can help children with cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, partial paralysis and other severe conditions.
His programs have been implemented by the Positive Education Program and The Center for START Services in the United States; and by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation, AutismOntario, Pegasus Community Project in Canada. Oka now teaches at the Spiral Movement Center in Toronto

Dr. Prathibha Karanth Expert in Speech Therapy

Dr. Karanth is a Speech Language Pathologist with over 40 years of experience in several national institutions in India.She has worked extensively in the areas of adult aphasias, acquired dyslexias, learning disability, specific language impairment and communication in autism/pervasive developmental disorders. Her work covers the clinical aspects as well as research and training. Dr. Karanth is the Founder Director and Managing Trustee of The Communication DEALL Trust, our resource partner. Dr. Karanth has written 3 books over 70 peer research and scientific papers and has presented over 250 papers at various seminars and conferences around the world

Dr. Omkar Hajirnis Paediatric Neurologist

Dr Omkar Hajirnis is amongst the far and few trained pediatric neurologists in the country. After completion of basic post graduation in Pediatrics, he pursued a dedicated fellowship in Pediatric Neurology and also earned the coveted membership of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, UK. His areas of expertise are with children suffering from refractory epilepsy, autistic spectrum disorder, genetic disorders and pediatric movement disorders. Apart from being attached to various reputed hospitals in Mumbai & Thane, he is the founder of Synapses Child Neurology and Development Centre in Thane. It is one of its kind’s holistic centre for child development and neurology with all facilities including neurophysiology, pediatric rehabilitation services and special education under one roof. He has numerous publications in reputed textbooks and high indexed journals. He is also actively involved in teaching undergraduate MBBS and postgraduate DNB Pediatrics students. He is into research activities and currently a principal investigator selected from India for an ongoing international migraine drug trial.

Dr. Nivedita Nair Expert in Occupational Neuro Development

Dr. Nivedita is a well renowned occupational neuro developmental therapist with over two decades of experience across geographies.She did her NDT from BOBATH Centre London (U.K), after completing her education program in Sensory Modalities in Childhood disability by Kimberley Barthel (OTR) in 2005. She started her career as a clinical therapist and went on head the department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in Aswini Hospital (P) Ltd, Kerala. She is presently working as Founder/ Director of Thrissur Rehabilitation Centre. The centre focuses on children with motor disorders, issues of sensory motor dysfunction and Autism Spectrum disorder. The centre also addresses concerns of adult patients with specific orthopedic & neurological challenges.

Chandrakant Salunkhe

Chandrakant Salunkhe

Mr Salunkhe can best be described as an “SME rights activist” and as founder of SME Chamber of India, he has been providing guidance and support to SME’s, young entrepreneurs and start-ups for exploring emerging business opportunities,strengthening and empowering them for the global competitiveness, encouraging them to enter into capital market, guidance and support to young & women entrepreneurs, interactions with the thought leaders and policy makers, empowering SMEs to achieve target growth, SME Chamber of India has been organising regularly various National & International level trade promotional activities, events, conferences, seminars, webinars, round table discussions, study visits for the benefit of SME sector. He has also been instrumental to secure the interests of SME sector for change in “Ease of Doing Business”, affecting rules & regulations of various regulatory bodies, interacting with the Prime Minister, Union & State Ministers, Government officials and Heads of various regulatory authorities, financial institutions & corporates to resolve various issues of the SME sector. He was a member of the National Advisory Board of MSME, Government of India (2011-2013).

Our journey

“Our lives took an unexpected turn when we discovered the “special” gift of our daughter Amaya. We went through our share of frustration, anger, and confusion. We questioned God. Fast-forward to now, we know, nothing happens without a reason. God has a bigger plan and this journey is our purpose. Amaya is our angel who has come to make a change in our lives and impact the lives of others. As someone said, “ God gives special people a special child, only because He knows no one else could take care of them as well as you would”. Today, through our work at Communicare, through all we experienced seeking the best for our child; we’d like to be a catalyst for many other special children and their parents. Our approach at Communicare is different, our intent strong and here we are, to make a meaningful change in the life of all special kids, be advocates for inclusion and give these children a life of dignity and independence they deserve, just like anyone else.”

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