• School Policies

    Rights of the School

    • All rights of admission is reserved with Communicare Education and Training. 
    • Incase of of deviation from following school polices and regulations the school management reserves the right to cancel the admission.


    • When in session, students are expected to attend school regularly as per the dates published for each academic year. Parents are discouraged from allowing students to absent themselves from school. If holidays are taken, it is to be clearly understood that the effect on the student’s education is the responsibility of the parent and not that of the school.
    • If parents or guardians require students to miss school for a valid reason, the parent or guardian is must inform the Administration in writing in advance and get clearance prior to making any travel arrangements.
    • When students are absent for medical or other unexpected reasons, a written note from the parent or guardian must reach the Administration on the first day of the student’s return to school.
    • If a child has been suffering from a communicable/contagious disease, he/she will be allowed to attend school only after submission of a medical certificate of fitness from a qualified doctor

    Medical History Forms

    • Please fill the Medical History Form carefully for treatment in case of emergency and proper healthcare of the student.

    • We request that students receiving transient or long term medical treatment discuss this with the school team prior to starting school. Please ensure that appropriate information is documented on the medical form.
    • Students returning to school after an absence, including vacation, must provide details of any illness or accident during this period.

    Withdrawal procedure

    • Parents/Guardians are required to notify the Principal well in advance and in writing regarding the withdrawal of a student during the academic session.
    • Caution Money, if any, will be refunded at the time of withdrawal of the child from the school against the caution money deposit receipt, along with an application on the prescribed form. This will only be done provided all school dues have been paid in full or settled satisfactorily. Refund of caution money must be claimed within a year from the date of withdrawal of the child from the school. (pls check if this is applicable)
    • All leavers must obtain a Clearance Form from the Accounts Department. Until this has been completed and signed, ensuring the return of all school property in good condition, no examination results, reports, recommendations and transfer certificates to future schools/colleges will be issued to the student or parent.
  • Rules and Regulations


    At the Communicare school, students are expected to be part of a community that exercises understanding and goodwill towards each other. The rules at Communicare are designed to help us live and work together in harmony.
    The faculty and staff at Communicare are committed to ensuring that students pass-out as confident, well-adjusted and disciplined members of society, with a developed sense of responsibility towards themselves as individuals and society at large.
    We follow time-honoured values of conformity when it comes to neatness of dress and personal appearance. We expect our students to extend courtesy and respect to parents, members of the staff and the public. We also expect our students to adhere to and believe in policies of honesty and hard work, taking responsibility for one’s actions and displaying strength of character at all times – values constantly inculcated by our staff.
    In the classroom, the teaching faculty at Communicare believes that:
    • Discipline should be fair and consistent
    • Students should be self-disciplined
    • Teachers must set an appropriate example and where possible, initiate disciplinary action themselves.
    • The major role of discipline is to ensure that each student has the right to learn.
    • Punishments/consequences for breaching the school’s code of conduct are clearly understood by all
    • Most disciplinary problems can be resolved if avenues of communication between the school and home are established and kept open.
    • We strictly do not encourage parents waiting in the school premises.

    No Smoking Policy

    Our School has a no smoking policy which completely forbids smoking by the staff:
    • On school grounds & on the campus.
    • Smoking should not occur in any building classified as school property or used for school purposes by staff and/or students.


    Communicare is not associated with any religious or denominational organisation
  • Financial aid
    Parents of children admitted to Communicare preschool and daycare centres can avail of Income Tax Deduction u/s. 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.
    Ask the admissions coordinator for more details