What Parents of kids with special needs really need to ask is –
“What can I do to make my child independent enough to live their life without me”?

Communicare is for parents of children with special needs, who take that step to act, rather than just resign and hope for a change in their child. We have a robust school readiness program (for children under 7 years), through our preschools, to prepare children for mainstream school.

Our main school works with older kids (7 years upwards) and children with physical disabilities to prepare them for functional independence.

We work to connect the mind and body, the conscious and unconscious to make visible progress. We provide quantifiable data and evidence based feedback to ensure you are actively participating in the progress of your child, along with us.

We also have a training division that trains parents, teachers and professionals. We conduct workshops, train and provide shadow teachers to schools in order to create an inclusive eco-system.

Your decision to accept and act right now will determine your child’s future.

Who We Are

Communicare Education and Training is a part of Council for Diversability, a Not For Profit Company, founded in 2020. We are also affiliate partners of the globally recognized Communication DEALL Trust, for our school readiness program for early intervention.

From special parents, For special parents, keeping the child at the centre of the partnership” – is what truly describes us.

As parents of a “special child”, we’ve been through the entire journey ourselves. We observed the huge challenges faced by parents of children with special needs – lack of acceptance and understanding of our child’s needs, gaps in delivery, lack of accountability, lack of innovation, archaic methodology and feedback in the area of special education and intervention. The founder educated herself, connected with thought leaders and organisations across domains and empowered parents to take the right decisions for their child as opposed to running from pillar to post. Communicare Education was born.

Communicare provides intensive early intervention to children across neurological disorders like Autism, ADHD, Behavior Issues, related Communication Disorders (such as Specific Language Impairment, Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia). We also work with children and young adults with physical disabilities eg. Cerebral Palsy

What We Do

We begin the learning pathway from pre-school, providing intensive multi-sensorial programs and training during the crucial formative years. We provide guided support for the child, parent and teachers of stream schools, during the primary years, in order to put the child on the road to independency.



Pre-school Education for special children.
School preparedness for children upto 7 years at our pre-schools.

School and Intervention programme for older children ( 7-15yrs)
For children to achieve functional independence.

Day Care for children above 7 years
A home away from home



Communicare trains people desiring a career in special needs education, delivered with our international partners. We are the only company providing the option of international certification*, International onsite training* and assured placement*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Some of the Courses Offered

• Diploma in Learning Disorder Management & Child Psychology

• Advanced Diploma in Counseling Psychology

• Careers in Special Education



Dance and Movement Therapy
This is a modern dance training system that respects the natural flow and spontaneity of dance. This is done through  muscle motor strengthening through movement.

Music Therapy
This is an established health care profession that uses music therapeutically to address behavioural, social, psychological, communicative, physical, communicative, physical, sensory motor, and /or cognitive functioning.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is an approach wherein , play is used as medium of understanding the emotional and mental issues of the child and also as an intervention .

Animal Therapy

Animal therapy builds on Building on a concept called human-animal bond, which helps increase movement and activity through walk and play. It helps provide companionship and reduces loneliness.

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Meet Our Experts


Founder, Spiral Praxis, Canada

Yuji Oka has been working with children with special needs and disabilities for over 30 years. Through his background in Physics and Dance, he has developed a new somatic approach to motor learning call Adapted Spiral Praxis (ASP). ASP has been used to help thousands of children with special needs/disabilities to learn how reclaim their motor potential.


Occupational Neuro Development

Dr. Nivedita is a well renowned occupational neuro developmental therapist presently working as Founder/ Director of Thrissur Rehabilitation Centre. The centre focuses on children with motor disorders, issues of sensory motor dysfunction and Autism Spectrum disorder.


Speech Language Pathologist

Dr. Karanth is a Speech Language Pathologist with over 40 years of experience in several national institutions in India. Dr. Karanth is the Founder Director and Managing Trustee of The Communication DEALL Trust and a key advisor.

Alliance and Accreditations

Communication Deall

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master
calls a butterfly” – Richard Bach ​