What is Somatic Healing?

Somatic healing is a form of body-centered therapy that looks at the connection of mind and body and uses therapies for holistic healing, focusing on a child’s inner experience.  Through innovative interventions we’ve helped children with special needs and disabilities gain more self-awareness, self-regulation, and confidence with their bodies. At Communicare, we encourage our children to explore early developmental milestones — rolling, crawling, and jumping; depending on their severity.

Our movement therapy ( in association with Adapted Spiral Praxis, Canada), has helped develop better motor muscle control, spatial awareness, better initiation, higher alertness and speech.

We offer both group and individual intervention programs based on the needs of the child and family.Demonstration therapy ( both online and offline), parent training and home based program with regular follow up forms the basis of our intervention for out of town clients.

Our movement therapy ( in association with Adapted Spiral Praxis, Canada), has helped develop better motor muscle control, spatial awareness, better initiation, higher alertness and speech.

Our Programs

Depending on the assessment of the child, we curate a program that’s best suited and most beneficial for each individual. We offer Private Intensives, One-on-one Sessions, Group Motion and Adapted Yoga classes all year.  We also have online sessions for our outstation children. Our staff is dedicated to providing your child a safe, supportive, and creative environment to progress and flourish in.

  • Private Intensives
    Communicare Adapted Spiral Praxis Program offers one-on-one intensives for children with special needs and disabilities, for conditions ranging from autism and ADHD to cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, and global developmental delay. We work closely with each family to determine goals and outcomes in order to progress as rapidly as possible during the intensive. The intensity of the sessions are balanced by an appropriate level of play and exploration — your child will be learning in a very supportive environment where they will feel safe to try their best.
    • 2 -3 week duration
    • 1 -3 hours daily sessions
    • Video assessments and interviews
    • Assistance with housing and logistical arrangements
    • Available to local and international families
    For many parents, intensives provide an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the possibilities that lie dormant in their child. Sessions are taped, and parents can follow up afterwards with online consultations.
  • One-on-one Sessions
    We offer world-class holistic somatic gross motor learning for children with special needs who need intensive movement interventions. Communicare Adapted Spiral Praxis consists of gentle manipulation, stretching and strengthening of individual body zones to integrate the bodymind more fully in locomotive and postural actions. This cutting-edge, non-invasive intervention has helped children with autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, genetic syndromes and ataxia obtain greater gains in recovering their movement abilities.
    Our sessions are designed to evoke a child’s natural motivation to developmentally explore movement
  • Group Motion
    Designed for kids ages 3-12 with special needs (autism, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, global developmental delay, emotional challenges, etc.), our Group Motion Program has helped hundreds of special needs children gain greater awareness and control of their own bodymind. The effectiveness of this program lies in its unique teaching philosophy. All somatic bodymind skills—whether gross motor skills, sequencing skills or creativity skills—are taught to students through multiple levels of exploration, which allow children with special needs to access movement creatively through their own doors rather than through fixed lesson plans.
    In addition to helping children with their motor skills, Group Motion can also help them learn the structures, rules and peer interaction needed to function in school classrooms—it is a perfect pre-academic foundation.
  • Adapted Yoga
    The ultimate aim of Adapted Yoga is to help teens and young adults with special needs learn how to feel secure, relaxed and comfortable within their bodies. All poses are taught within well organized stations; props and visual aids are used to help the students understand where their body is in space and how the pose feels on the inside. Each child is encouraged to make strong progress within his/her individual ability.
    From week to week the children explore different themes in Yoga such as partnering, endurance, salutations, and imaginative storytelling. In this way they are able to re-visit old poses from a new perspective, gaining more awareness and mastery over their bodymind. Children gain independence and confidence in the process of learning.

Communicare Adapted Spiral Praxis Certification

The key to Communicare Adapted Spiral Praxis Programs lies in their simplicity and deep commitment to a child’s inner experience during therapy.

Our certification program is geared primarily towards parents and caregivers of children with special needs and disabilities who can choose modules independently. There are no difficult conceptual frameworks or complex knowledge needed—you will simply learn down-to-earth, experiential activities which can help your child grow and thrive. Practitioners are also empowered to use their creativity and intuition by avoiding unnecessary technical jargon and details in their practice. Our certification programs are designed to give practical, effective techniques that can be used both at home and in clinical situations.

Somatic Healing


The documentaries below show real-life footage of children in sessions at the Communicare Adapted Spiral Praxis Movement Center—we are certain that their stories will inspire you.